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Avarice Rules
Avarice is a guild focused on endgame content.

The rules on this list must be obeyed. The rules are simple and everyone should be able to comprehend them, and understand the advantage we are getting by following them.

General Rules:

Guild Members - Behavior

1. The Guild Leader of Avarice is the person who will not abuse his/hers power to personal advantage. The Guild Leader will try his/her best to be objective and try to ensure that these rules are followed among the guild members.
The Guild Leader is the only member of the guild who can invite people to the guild, unless someone else is granted that position or asked by the Guild Leader. This is due to to the nature of agreed system of invites (See Recruitment section below).
The Guild Leader will try to, according to the rules, give Tabards to selected members.
The Guild Leader will create parties for Dominion, if asked so. He/she will, as well, create raids or promote someone if he/she decided to.
The Guild Leader must be up to date when it comes to game mechanics, class mechanics and the game in general.

2. The Officers of Avarice have no special priority over other members of the guild. Their main task is to assist the Guild Leader and to perform the tasks mentioned above if the Guild Leader is not able to do so.
They will, as well, try to implement the rules but they will not decide what to do with potential rule breaking members.
They will create and lead raids as designated by the Guild Leader.
Only Treasurer ranked member(s) are allowed to perform as vice leader if its necessary, when Guild Leader isn't capable to be online.

3. Members of Avarice have no rights to do or speak in the name of the Guild Leader or in the name of the Guild. They will, however, be included in every discussion presented by the guild leader and officers. They will together decide what is the best for the guild.

4. Members will not try to cause or respond to any kind of drama on any kind of chat. Even in a PvP zone. Just kill your enemy and move on. Like the old saying says "If it's red it's dead".

These are the rules every member has to respect and agree with:

1. Upon joining the guild, member's Reincarnation can also join the guild or you can get it on Void.
2. Member's other alts can join the guild Void.
3. Member's family/friends can only join the guild if they are accepted through the regular recruitment process. (See Recruitment section below.)
4. Member(s) will respect other members of the guild.
5. Member(s) will not insult other members of the guild.
6. Member(s) will try his/her best to help our guild progress.
7. The problems with other members need to be resolved on a mature level and brought up to guild leader quietly. Any kind of drama in guild chat will not be tolerated.
8. Member(s) will try to help other guildies when possible. Member will not do anything to put our guild or guild member at disadvantage.
9. Member(s) will not insult other players of the Allods Online and thus destroy our guild's reputation.
10. Member(s) will treat every Allods Online player as the potential future member.
11. Member(s) will not kill League players unless:
- Attacked by them first
- They are in Anomalous Sector carrying a chest.
- They are in last room of June Catacombs
12. Member(s) will never try to put League on disadvantage.
13. Member(s) will not make alliance with Empire guilds.
14. Member(s) will not use exploits and risk guild's reputation and potential ban.
15. Member(s) will not insult other guild members or any players according to their sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, etc.
16. Member(s) will keep their guild loyalty at 100 whenever possible. (Scheduled time off, or other reasonable explanations).
17. Member(s) will complete 2 guild quests every day. Failure to comply may result in Tabard removal

Guild Members - Language

1. Members are allowed to type on any language in guild chat.
2. Members are not allowed to call out other players aiming to insult them on the language they do not understand.
- Person A speaks Russian and English.
- Person B speaks English only.
- If person A is insulting, calling out the person B, person A will be punished.
Remember, just because you think others will not understand you, it doesn't mean that this is correct.

3. Members will voice their opinion on English language in case they want to be taken seriously or understood.
4. On Team Speak, during the raids and similar events member is only allowed to speak English and respect that other people do not understand your language.
5. You are allowed to speak other languages on Team Speak only if that will benefit the raid.
Example: short explanations of boss fights that could benefit the raid.

6. On Team Speak, while in raids and similar events, when raid leader speaks, you are not allowed to speak over them. This is not only disrespectful but also slows down the flow of the raid and will not go unpunished
7. On Team Speak, you need to respect other people talking. Do not interrupt them, especially if they are talking on English.
8. You're not allowed to swear, rage or yell on Team Speak. Respect other people and keep in mind you're not the only one using the voice chat.
9. You are not allowed to create random/unwanted/irritating sounds on Team Speak during raids. Be polite.

Guild Members - Raid behavior

1. Members will not create negative atmosphere during the raids. We understand it can get irritating to wipe many times, but taking short pauses might help your nerves.
2. Members will not talk over Guild Leader or Raid Leader on Team Speak.
3. Members will not talk over anybody on Team Speak.
4. Members can express their ideas, tactics and plans. That is most welcome.
5. Members will try to help each other in order to become better at DPS or HPS or tanking.
6. Members will not go AFK (Away from Keyboard) during the raids unless in case of absolute emergency or allowed specifically by the raid leader.
7. Members will not purposely try to put your raid at disadvantage. Example: Wiping the raid on purpose.
8. Members will not purposely waste the time that is designated for raiding.
9. If a member goes offline during a raid without sufficient explanation before going, or in cases of accidents after, that member will be punished because this puts all other members of the raid in disadvantage.
10. If more than 12 members sign up for raids, Guild Leader and Officers are going choose the members that will get in raid.


1. Tabards are granted to active members.
Active players are players who have the gear progress, log in for raids and help the guild's progress in general.
Champion tabards are granted for players who will join for Dominion.

2. A tabard will be taken away if the member is offline and did not log in for longer than 7 days. Exception is if the member has informed the Guild Leader that he is taking a break or such, and he/she is planning to be active after the break.

3. A tabard can be taken away if the guild member decided to put his guild, party or any other member at disadvantage.
Example: quitting the Dominion because he/she got irritated.

4. A Champion Tabard can be taken away if member doesn't show up for Dominion fights in current week without acceptable explanation. And they will be given for players that will help guild in Dominion fights.

5. A Champion Tabard can be taken away from a member if a member with a normal Tabard has more prestige than him/her. The member with a Champion Tabard has a period of 7 days to overtake the member with the normal Tabard in prestige before the Tabards are switched.


1. Any Allods Online player interested to join the guild is required to apply through our Website.
2. Members are required to inform any interested candidate to apply to the guild through our Website, and for any additional questions to contact the Guild Leader or Officers directly.
3. Guild Leader can designate an Officer to get in the touch with the potential candidate if information/interview/discussion is needed.
4. Applications to the guild are public and all members are welcome to comment and provide their input on the applicant.

Applicants will be accepted or rejected based on the criteria below:

1. Applicant's class is needed in the guild and based on the class, applicant is able to help the guild improve.
2. Applicant can speak English which is the official Guild Language.
3. Applicant has Team Speak installed, and has the ability to listen to it.
4. Applicant can be accepted for Trial if he/she doesn't meet the requirement mentioned above based on the input of the members on the Application.
5. In rare cases, applicants can be accepted for Trial where they are under supervision to monitor their progress or similar.

Additional Topics:

1. All Symbols of Glory are mailed to guild leader for purpose of raising the loyalty of newcomers to the guild.
2. If the previous rule isn't followed members will first be warned, if they still keep violating the rule they will be punished for a day as Outlawed. If they keep doing it the next step will be Tabard removal. If the member still doesn't comply he/she will be kicked out of the guild.
4. When making groups, including but not limited to Astral, MoS, guild members have priority over non-guildies.
5. In JC one person outside of JC will be assigned to go to to keep the lottery as fair as possible.